Nakatomi Tony’s Bubble Craps Ambush Test Results!

Inner Circle member, East Coast Emissary, Phd, discovered an old blackjack strategy on YouTube, and adapted it to the don’t pass bet in craps. More specifically, to the don’t pass bet on low stakes bubble craps machines. TRG presented the strategy in episode 121, available here—Win-80-of-Trys–EP-121-e2a31d9 . Squad member and friend of the podcast Nakatomi Tony used Crapsee to test the strategy 150 times and had a profit after those tests. YouTube host and Excelsior Brigade member Same Bet suggested a modification of the strategy that TRG presented in episode 123, available here–EP123-e2b8ken . Nakatomi Tony tested that strategy 150 times as well.

Both strategies generated a cash profit over the 150 tries. An Excel spreadsheet documenting the testing can be downloaded here and the PDF version can be downloaded here .

If you have questions, comments, test results of your own, or potential improvements, please email, and spell kombat with a K!