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It is, it’s me, it’s T R G!

The Ramblin Gambler, a vest wearin, ring bearin, wheelin, dealin, son of a plumbing salesman!

If you mentally added a "Woooo!" at the end of that, good for you! Tip of the hat to Richard Fliehr.

The Origin

Welcome to our Casino Kombat website. When I was in college, a professor gave me a copy of the book, Beat The Dealer by Edward O. Thorpe, and an assignment to write a computer program that simulated the game of blackjack and tested the ideas presented in the book. I was not old enough to gamble, I lived in the Midwest far from anywhere that allowed gambling on blackjack, and I was a very broke college student. Understanding card counting and blackjack was a useless bit of knowledge to have acquired.
Eventually fate took me to Las Vegas and I discovered I knew the game of blackjack better than most players and some dealers. Back on the mid-80’s, not a lot of people knew about basic strategy, or ‘The Book’ as it’s called today. Over the years, I’d visit Las Vegas or Atlantic City from time to time, but not often enough for what I knew to be particularly useful on a regular basis. This was pre-internet, and somehow, without realizing it at the time, I was on a quest to fully understand blackjack and casinos. I read entire shelves of books from the main branch of a big city public library. I acquired computer programs that simulated and tested blackjack. I tested new theories on vacations in Las Vegas a city that I came to love.
Eventually, casino gambling was legalized across North America and I was able to play on a regular basis and refine my skills. I often had months when I could pay bills with gambling revenue, without counting cards and hiding from the casino. I found out that the wagering concepts I had developed for the game of Blackjack could be applied to any 50/50 wager. Roulette, Baccarat, some craps bets. I also learned how to exploit casino rewards systems so that even months where I lost some money, the casinos gave out more than what I lost in hotel rooms, gifts, meals, shows, and money to gamble with. Even when we lost some cash, I was winning by living a deeply, deeply, discounted casino lifestyle on a part time basis. And boy do I enjoy living a casino lifestyle.
Eventually my children grew up and started lives of their own. Gambling became a fun part time job, a side hustle as the kids say. My wife and I were able to enjoy a national casino brand as if it was our country club, or vacation club. One that paid us to be members.
During this time, I consistently met people who didn’t understand how to win the game of casino gambling. I was told on several occasions that I had a unique point of view on casinos and gambling. Locked in my home during a pandemic, with no way to use my skills because the casinos were closed, I had a crazy idea, when the casinos re-opened, I would use that as an opportunity to start a podcast and teach others how to beat casinos at their own game. The web site for casino combat was too expensive, so Casino Kombat was born! Purely for fiduciary reasons.
Welcome to our web site, we are using it to provide podcast adjacent materials. Billy with the Great Last Name (BwtGLN) always says that Casino Kombat is about gamblers, helping gamblers be better gamblers. In that spirit, if you ever need anything, send an email to trg@casinokombat.com and I will do my best to help out!