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Casino Kombat is a system for taking advantage of Casinos and beating them at their own game.

It’s possible to create a profitable side-hustle by leveraging wagering skills, techniques, and casino reward systems.

Casino Kombat shows you how.

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It is, it’s me, it’s T R G!

The Ramblin Gambler, a vest wearin, ring bearin, wheelin, dealin, son of a plumbing salesman!

I've been gambling in casinos for 30+ years, and I'd love to be your guide to winning and enjoying a casino lifestyle.

Hi, I'm Fred

I was created to send email, but really I'm just here to help you get all the resources you need to feel Casino Konfident.

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Having the right tools – whether it’s knowledge or a vest to stay organized – is essential to casino success.
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1:1 Coaching

You don’t have to set aside money you plan to lose next time you go to a casino. 

You can learn a wagering system, choose a game with minimum house advantage, and plan to profit – and I’d love to help you. Book a 1:1 virtual coaching session below.


I consider Crypto currency investments a long-term wager. Unlike making a wager in a casino, after a big win, sometimes I’ll place a long-term bet on the value of a crypto currency.

It’s a newer part of my casino kombat techniques, but if you’re interested you can learn more and find my recommendations here. Not investment advice.

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