The Inner Circle

Discover TRG’s home casino and win your place in the Inner Circle

In order of Membership

Gabriel - The Angel Messenger of Casino Kombat

An exception to the rules of the game, Gabriel existed before the dawn of time from a podcast point of view. He existed before the ring. He helped shape and create many of the ideas and concepts used in the podcast.

1. The Golden Fan, or just Golden Fan

TGF, or GF, 1st to the ring. She found the game, which allowed the game to begin, then she solved the game!

2. Master of Details

MoD, 2nd to the ring. He gambles in the region, and early in the podcast recognized the descriptions of Casino 1, and Casino 2. The first listener to meet TRG and Mrs. TRG in person.

3. Keeper of Wisdom

KoW, 3rd to the ring. He sorted out mistakes we knew we had made in numbering the Casino Wisdoms. He continues auditing the podcast and reporting various items. The author of Casino Wisdom #82, numbered for his service in the U.S. Army 82nd airborne.

4. East Coast Emissary

ECE, 4th to the ring. ECE was kind enough to sort out flow charts/decision trees for TRG’s wagering systems. They are available for download in the FRED 4.6 section of the web site. ECE is a frequent contributor to the podcast, and the 2nd Inner Circle member to appear in the Virtual VIP Lounge.

5. Gator Gambler

GG, G Squared, G2. 5th to the ring. Gator Gambler was the first inner circle member to appear in the Virtual VIP Lounge with TRG.

6. The Leatherneck Hustler

TLH, 6th to the ring. TLH was able to win a spot in the Inner Circle with his first application.

7. Aussie Alba

AA, A squared, A2, 7th to the ring. A Scotsman living in Australia, he has become a good mate of TRG’s, and the podcast.

8. Virginia Casino Player Doug

VCPD, 8th to the ring. One of the first listener to take the Core Koncepts and the Casino Wisdoms for a test drive and validate that they worked well for him. A supporter of the podcast and a regular contributor.

9. Equine Ensign

E squared, E², 9th to the ring.  E2 is a special education teacher and basketball coach.  He and his wife own therapy horses which Mrs. TRG is looking forward to riding one day.  E2 also owns and races horses, so he is involved in gambling in a another very interesting way.