Long-term bets made after a big win

The goal

When I have a large casino win, I make a series of small choices on what to do with the money. One of the choices I consider is purchasing some crypto coins. I consider these long term bets that could be lost, or could be big wins in the distant future.
In that context, if I win 15 units, I might buy one or two units of a crypto coin.
I use two platforms to trade crypto for free. Both give something free for you and something free for me, as a referral fee if you sign up. I’ve explained both options below.


Robinhood, was originally developed as a no fee stock trading app. The ability to trade crypto was added recently. The coins offered are limited to major well capitalized coins. These are lower risk, but more expensive. Join Robinhood with my link and we’ll both get a free stock 🤝 


Voyager is a crypto trading platform recently released by NBA owner and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban. All Crypto trades are free, and Voyager offers more crypto choices and allows trades of newer less well known coins that may have more upside. The Voyager promotion works this way, if you use my code or link below, and make a $100 crypto trade, we both get $25 of Bitcoin. So, if you buy $100 Bitcoin, you will actually receive, $125 in Bitcoin. You could then sell $100 Bitcoin, and keep the $25 in free bitcoin. You have a high probability of winning $25 on this $100 wager. Use code 5FF141A6B or this link to claim your BTC.